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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yamaha JMC's Book 2 Mini Concert

Ian and Pravin singing "Let's Go"

Ian's JMC Book 2 has finally come to an end. The class had a mini concert held last Saturday. Ian chose to play “Sweet Dance” and sang “Let's Go”. Only 6 out of 10 children were present, as four sang “The Sky Games” and that left only Ian and Pravin to sing “Let's Go”. Hahaha... He did a lot of practice on the song at home but when it's time to sing in front of his classmates and parents, both he and Pravin had butterflies in their stomach, they forgot where to start the song and were totally blank when it came to 2nd verse and kept repeating the 1st verse. Very funny indeed!

I bought JMC Book 3 (Text Book, Work Book and DVD) from Yamaha bookstore and it looks like they will have to learn a lot of chords by hearing which Ian is very weak at. I know a lot of effort are needed to improve his hearing skills. The keyboard at home seems to be producing similar sound (Well, to the untrained ears of mine) when different chords are played. I am still wondering if I should invest in a piano or to wait until he finishes his JMC. Ian told me he would like to learn guitar or violin after JMC but has not shown much interest in piano though.

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