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Friday, July 24, 2009

Offer Letter to Primary one

Ian will be going to Primary one next year and mom in-law has been bugging us to check with the school since we have yet to receive the letter. Yes, mom in-law was even more anxious than the mom as she was afraid that her only grandson would not get accepted to the school of our choice. Ha!

I phoned the school to find out the status and the call was answered by a friendly Malay lady staff. She told me that the offer letter would only be sent out early next week and that all registered students would be accepted as their quota of taking in 400 students had not been met. Phew! We can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Ian's acceptance to our choice of primary school simply means that we will have to move to a place nearer to his school. We will soon move into our condo which was previously rented out to a Japanese family. This will be the 1st time in my life living in a condo and we are actually looking forward to it. As we live in Puchong now, it's been a struggle having to beat the traffic daily to get Ian to his kindy, Juara Cerdik in PJ. Well, I would have to endure the bad traffic and the ordeal to wake up early for another 3 months before we move into the condo in December.

I heard a lot about the homework loads, strict disciplinary actions, caning and all sort of negatives studying in a Chinese school but we still went ahead with the decision because hubby was actually one of the "victims" for being illiterate in Chinese. My chinese is slightly better off than him, at least I can read the Chinese newspaper and coach Ian with his homework with some help from my sifu (the dictionary). *angel grins*

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