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Friday, July 31, 2009

Bard Chemo Port

Actual size of mom's Bard chemoport
(Mom's Model: M.R.I.* Plastic Single Lumen Port, Peel-Apart Percutaneous Introducter System
W/ Attachable Groshong* 8 French Catheter)

Larger image

The port is implanted completely beneath your skin, and the catheter is inserted inside a blood vessel. Ports are usually implanted on the upper chest, as in moms's case, on the left.

The port acts like an IV to the bloodstream. A special needle is inserted just below the surface of your skin and into the port so that medications and fluids can be given, and blood samples withdrawn.
What is a Bard Implanted Port?
A Bard Implanted Port is a device which is used to deliver medications into the bloodstream. The word implanted refers to the fact that the device is placed completely beneath the skin. The port will be visible merely as a small "raised area" beneath the skin. Daily care is generally not required and it does not affect your normal activities.

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