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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ambit Continuous Infusion Pump

We went back to the Oncology clinic on the 3rd day of mom's 1st chemotherapy to take the pump off and the process was a breeze! We reached there slightly before 2pm and paid RM10 for the service. Mom was called into the chemotherapy room soon after and by 2.30pm we were ready to go. The Ambit pump was the hospital's property and would be kept by them until the next cycle where it would be attached to mom again.

The operation of the pump is simple. There are only two buttons, the Run/Pause button and On/Off buttons. 2 AA batteries are used and they can usually last throughout the 46 hours of 5FU infusion. To replace batteries or upon infusion completion, press run/pause button to pause position before turning off the pump and removing batteries.

The pump is about the size of a TV remote controller and designed to accurately deliver a patient's drug therapy in the comfort of their own home. Mom would have had to get admitted to the hospital for 2 nights on every fortnightly chemo cycle should the pump and chemoport had not become available. It is meant to complement the patient's quality of life and support the oncologists / physicians in prescribing the best and most affordable care.

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