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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Protein Powder

Per 100 g Protein 21.29 g, fat 8.2 g, carbohydrate 64.9 g, dietary fibre 3.1 g, fructo oligosaccharide 3.52 g, moisture 2.4 g, taurine 64.1 mg, carnitine 32 mg, vit A acetate 430 iu, β-carotene 2,241 iu, vit D3 218 iu, vit E 14.6 iu, vit K1 32 mcg, vit C 110.2 mg, folic acid 138 mcg, vit B1 0.81 mg, vit B2 0.92 mg, vit B6 1.09 mg, vit B12 1.58 mcg, niacin 7.99 mg-NE, pantothenic acid 3.52 mg, biotin 16 mcg, choline 163.4 mg, ash 3.2 g, Na 480 mg, K 640 mg, Cl 487 mg, Ca 474 mg, phosphorus 336 mg, Mg 90.6 mg, Fe 0.35 mg, Zn 7.99 mg, manganese 1.34 mg, copper 236 mcg, iodine 51.1 mcg, selenium 25.3 mcg, chromium 32 mcg, molybdenum 44.7 mcg. Energy: 392 kCal.

Per 100 g Fat 17.5 g, protein 18.4 g, carbohydrate 58.2 g, vit A 1,800 iu, vit D 130 iu, vit E 13 iu, vit K 23 mcg, vit C 65 mg, vit B1 0.92 mg, vit B2 1.1 mg, niacin 13 mg, vit B6 1.8 mg, folic acid 250 mcg, pantothenic acid 6.5 mg, vit B12 3.7 mcg, biotin 180 mcg, choline 210 mg, taurine 37 mg, carnitine 37 mg, Na 402 mg, K 573 mg, Cl 551 mg, Ca 307 mg, phosphorus 307 mg, Mg 123 mg, manganese 1,239 mcg, Fe 5.5 mg, iodine 46 mcg, copper 0.65 mg, Zn 6.5 mg, selenium 18 mcg, chromium 18 mcg, molybdenum 55 mcg. Energy: 461 kCal.

I got mom a tin of Nestle Nutren Optimum 400g after trying out few samples hubby brought back from a newly opened pharmacy in Puteri IOI, Puchong. I got the first tin from Guardian at Ikano Power for RM29.90. I then hopped over to Tesco nearby and was shocked to see the price tagged at RM36.80, if I remembered correctly. My impression was that prices at the supermarkets should be lower than that at the pharmacies, right, well, I was wrong.

While doing my marketing with papa at the Tropicana City, PJ the other day, I walked into Caring Pharmacy and the price gave me another shock, only RM19.90 per tin but that was a promotion pack larr. I quickly grabbed the 2 tins on the shelf and asked the shop assistant to check if they have any more stocks available. The remaining stock on the shelf was their last batch of stock available.

I initially wanted to get Prosure by Abbott but ended up with Nestle Nutren Optimum after comparing the ingredients, they were almost similar and Prosure had lighter weight content by 20gram and priced at RM45++ per tin, almost doubled the price of Nutren Optimum. Guess the higher price contribution was from branding and Abbot's aggressive advertisement and emphasis on special fomulation mainly for cancer patients.

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Anonymous mikayla said...

where did you purchase the Nestle product? I can't find it anywhere.

October 15, 2009 at 7:50 AM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

Hi, I bought it from Caring Pharmacy but recently I find it hard to get the stock and change to Ensure instead.

October 16, 2009 at 9:15 PM  

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