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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Diet for Cancer Patients

We now lead a very healthy lifestyle. I cook meals with less oil, salt and sugar. Pork has been totally cut out and now our daily diet consists of mostly vegetables, fish and small portion of skinless chicken meat. We have soup to go along with every meal, be it just a quick boiled soup or a long hours brewed herbal soup. Ian loves soups so much so that he can finish a full bowl most of the time.

Mom's daily diet concist of the following:

8.00am Breakfast: A bowl of unsweetened Oats and a glass of Bean & red dates Soup OR a slice of wholemeal bread with St Dalfour's Fruit Jam Spread. 1 tab Amlodipine 5mg (Anti-hypertensive drug) and 1 cap fish oil 1000mg

Snack in between – Grapes or wheat crackers and a glass of Mangosteen juice.

12.00noon – Lunch Steamed fish / Soup / a vege dish or taufu with skinless and boneless chicken meat

3.00pm – Tea-Time A glass of Nutren Optimum Whey Protein Powder and bread with jam spread or wheat crackers. Fruits (Honey Dew / Mangosteen / Apples depending on availability)

6.00pm – Dinner (Steamed fish / Soup / a vege dish or taufu with skinless / boneless chicken meat.)

7.00pm – Vege Juice (Brocolli/tomato/celery/carrot and sometimes beetroots are added in)

9.00pm – Supper (Wholemeal bread with jam spread / Nutren Optimum Whey Protein Powder)

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