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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dim Sum @Yuen Garden Dim Sum House, Puchong Jaya

We had Dim Sum for breakfast at Yuen Garden in Puchong Jaya last Sunday with papa. He definitely deserved a break from the household chores and having to attend to mom both mentally and physically. He was reluctant to leave home without mom coming along for fear she would not eat well or should anything happen to her in his absence. Mom was reluctant to go out as she would have to frequent the toilet every now and then and she has been experiencing loose stools after the operation and doctor said this was all normal as her body was still adjusting to the food after hemicolectomy.

We ordered quite a lot of dim sum, porridge, loh mai kai (glutinoous rice with chicken in a bowl), yam puff (Ian liked this one the best and whacked all). The bill came to only RM40++ for 4 of us, quite reasonable considering the quality of food though service was just so-so, guess they have shortage of staff. Overall, we had good experience dining there. The shop had extended to the next shoplot despite having a two storey corner shoplot. The shop enjoyed brisk business as the place was very crowded and packed with customers especially during weekends and public holidays.

After breakfast, we headed to Puteri Mart to get mom some nyonya kuih. Papa wanted to get her some food varieties as mom had been having wholemeal bread and oats only for breakfast and she was getting bored with the food.

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