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Friday, June 26, 2009

Colorectal Cancer - Stage II (Duke B1)

Today is the big day where mama's biopsy result will be out. We left the house around 7.30am as I had to drop Ian at Yeh Yeh's house. I did not send Ian to the kindie today as hubby had been nagging me not to as my backup driver, Yeh Yeh was down with Chikungunya and would not be fit to drive for the next few weeks and I might get stuck at the hospital the whole day. Luckily Mah Mah is there to take care of Yeh Yeh.

We reached the Surgical Clinic of UMMC at 1st Floor about 9.30am, crawling up the UMMC car park at the T&E (Trauma & Emergency) building and looking for a parking alone took me ½ hour. The clinic was beaming with patients when we got there and I got a waiting number 42. Dr Tee was the doctor on duty under Prof. Dr Chin's team. He came and greeted us the moment he saw us there. It was finally our turn after waiting for 2 hours and luckily Dr Tee noticed our presence at the clinic. The reason of the delay was that the nurses could not find mom's file and Dr Tee personally got them to trace the file. I asked Dr Tee for the biopsy report the moment I stepped into the room. He then opened the file from the computer and the report reads:

Posterior abdominal wall: Inflammed fibromuscular tissue. No maglinancy seen.
Colon: Moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma invading the serosa. 9 lymph nodes with no maglinancy. Duke B1.TAHLSO: Benign serous cyst. Inactive endometrium.
Mucin from tumour: Haemorrhagic inflammatory exudate. No maglinancy seen.

The biopsy findings came out normal except the colon but it has not spread to the lymph nodes. Duke B1 is the staging classification of cancer and it indicates that mom is in Stage 2 (Duke B1 means moderately

Grading of the Colon Cancer
The malignancy (or aggressiveness) of the colon cancer is documented by assigning a grade to the cancer based upon the appearance of the cancer cells and how they are arranged together. These scores are broken down into three main levels:

low-grade cancer: this is the least-aggressive type of cancer. Cells from low-grade colon cancer have an appearance most like normal cells, and tend to be slow-growing. Such cancer cells are called well-differentiated.

intermediate-grade cancer: by the time the cancer has become intermediate-grade, it has turned more aggressive than a low-grade cancer. Intermediate-grade cancer cells have an appearance that is less like normal cells and is often faster growing than low-grade cancer cells. Such cells are called moderately-differentiated.

high-grade cancer: this is the most aggressive type of cancer. Cells from high-grade colon cancer are the least like normal colon cells. They are rapid-growing and highly aggressive, often spreading into the lymph nodes and bone. Such cells are called poorly-differentiated.

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