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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Health Screening at Tung Shin Hospital

After having done some price comparison and research on the type of health screening available at private hospitals, I have finally chosen Tung Shin Hospital in Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur.

Comparison with other private hospitals
Tung Shin Hospital - Comprehensive Health Screening Package
Physical Examination by physician Hearing & eyesight test/ Resting ECG / Chest X-ray / Ultrasound Abdomen & Pelvis / Stress test / Lung function test / lab profile 44 tests:(Haematology Profile / Fasting Blood Sugar / Renal Profile / Liver Function Test / Lipid Profile / Diabetic / Thyroid / Hepatitis B Screening / Urine Analysis / Blood Grouping / Venereal Disease (STD) / Tumor Markers for CEA & AFP) / Medical Report / report interpretation by specialist
Cost: RM630 (senior citizen), RM665 (public)
Sunway Hospital - Platinum PackageSame as above with additional diet counselling but minus the stress test and 2 tumour markers
Cost: RM799 (all)

I called the specialist clinic to make an appointment a day before going. We were then advised to fast at least 10 hours before the health screening process.

The next morning, after dropping off Ian at his kindy, off we went to Tung Shin Hospital. We reached the hospital around 9am and I took the Intermediate package with breast ultrasound and pap smear added in (total cost) while Papa took the comprehensive package with a PSA test added (total cost).

A friendly Malay nurse brought us to a room where our weight and height were taken and we were then asked to lie on the bed with all wires were hooked up to our chest for ECG.

We then went to see the physician, Dr Kwan Eng Keong for physical examination, we had our eyesight tested and Dr Kwan checked my blood pressure and found that my bp was a bit on the high side, same with papa. We were then asked to lie on the bed to check on our sensivity toward the hammer knocked on our knee and ankles. I was sent down to the X-Ray Department to have my chest x-ray and ultrasound on my breast, abdomen and pelvic while papa was having his stress test on the 1st floor. I was asked to change into a blue loose gown to facilitate the chest x-ray scan and was given a basket for keeping of my blouse and belongings. I was then sent to a dim lit room with the ultrasound machine just next to the bed, I lied on the bed while waiting for the radiologist, Datin Dr Ranjit Kaur to do the scan. A transparent gel was applied over my breasts down to the pelvic area and Dr Ranjit tole me there was no lumps found on both my breasts and they appeared normal.

My liver, spleen, gallbladder, blader were all normal except she found 5 fibroids in my uterus, especially the one at my posterial wall, it was as big as an orange. She assured me there was nothing to be concerned about as very rarely the fibroids would turn maglinant and most of them would disappear after menopausal. She advise me to have a pelvic scan at least once a year to monitor if there is a growth in size of the fibroids.

I then went to 6th floor to get my blood and urine samples done. I was a breeze and painless when the nurse took my blood. I would have to go back to 1st floor for Pap Smear to complete the whole health screening process.

It took a while before I was attended by a lady Indian doctor as they had an emergency case prior to that. It took a mere 5 minutes for the doctor to take some sample out from my vagina for the test.

Not long after I have completed, papa walked out from the X-ray department and he told me that the radiologist, Dr Kaur told him that there was some water trapped inside the stomach. I was doubtful though not very sure if an ultrasound could ever get through any gas or air let alone the stomach. Papa was very concerned about stomach as he has been having stomach discomfort ever since he can remember.

It was 12.45pm when we completed the whole process. We then looked for the canteen in the hospital and had mixed rice there. We paid RM11.00 for two plates of mixed rice and two cups of hot drinks, reasonably priced I would say that.

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