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Friday, May 22, 2009

Fungates System

I got to know about Fungates system through two of my ex-colleagues. The first one sent her son to Mighty Kids in USJ and the other, to Juara Cerdik in Section 13, PJ both kindy adopted Fungates System. I received a lot of positive feedbacks from them.

Ian started school when he was 3 yrs old. The first kindy we sent him to was a non franchised chinese medium kindy near our house. He was there one year before we switched him to a smart reader kindy near the grandparents' house. We observed that he did not learn much and could hardly read after half year then only we started to think about switching him to Fungates.

By then, I heard from my ex-colleague that Juara Cerdik (JC) was about to move to their own premise in Section 13, PJ (formerly situated in shophouses in Taman Mayang Jaya) and thought the location was just perfect for the grandparents to fetch him.

Ian has been there since last year when he was 5 and now that he is 6, I would say that I could see a lot of improvement in him especially his reading skills and the reading interests he has since picked up.

English is taught using phonic sounds, blends, long & short vowels, short & long sound blends and emphasizes a lot on hearing and pronounciation. A CD on blends reading is given to guide the parents and kids through the blend book.

Chinese is important to my son as he will be going to chinese primary school. I find that Fungates focuses a lot on strokes and their sequences and stroke counting which I think is very good and he can remember and understand the words more precisely. I used to send Ian to Chinese Enrichment classes using Flash Card Approach but after stopping for 6 months, he has forgotten most of the words when flashed to him. Well, perhaps this lazy mom's fault for not flashing those cards to him more often.

They have a science lab for 5 and 6 yrs old to carry out simple experiments. Most of the time Ian comes back and poses me questions excitedly, questions like... mommy mommy... how ice cubes are formed? why do volcanoes explode (erupt)? Why does this stuff float and not sink? When I say I have no idea, then he will proudly explain what he has learnt at school.

He has also overcomed the problems of reading in Bahasa. The system focuses on learning sukukata, once he mastered it, he has not much problems now in reading and his "Ejaan".

One thing I would like to stress here was that regardless of how good the system was, the quality and attitude of teachers played the most important role after all.

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