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Monday, May 18, 2009

Yamaha Junior Music Course (JMC) - Book 1

Ian has been attending JMC classes since October last year. After 6 months into JMC Book 1, they have now completed the book and before proceeding to book 2, a mini concert was held in the class. Each of the students would get to perform one song on either the electone or piano. Ian chose to play "Happy Day" with two hands. They had their group singing after that. Some of the parents brought snack and drinks and shared amongst each other.
The emphasis of JMC is to develop fundamental musical ability by learning to sing do-re-mi and with lyrics and to play on keyboard instruments. More emphasis is placed on listening because aural ability develops faster in this period. Repertoire Playing is the main activity of the JMC lesson. The process of learning: Listening/Singing/Playing/Reading. Children will acquire the aural ability to recognize various elements of music and to play with rich expression.
"Singing as they have heard" and "playing as they have sung" are the most important factors.

Book 1 generally covers:

  • Finger Numbering

  • Notes on the keyboard / High and Low

  • Playing Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So/Sol on G & F Clef (with one hand at a time)

  • Music Appreciation

  • Introduction of playing with two hands on the last two songs (Cuckoo Clock & Happy Day) to prepare them for Book 2

  • Memory Singing by Solfege (do-re-mi-fa-sol/sol)

  • Singing Songs / Lyrics Singing

  • Chords
Yamaha JMC is a 2 years' course stretching over 4 semesters (6 months per semester). The fees are paid 3 months upfront @RM270 ie. RM90 per month. Parents' attendance together with their kids are compulsory as this is a group lesson and they are expected to guide their kids throughout the course. Our classes are held once a week on every Saturday.
I enjoyed going to music classes with my son as I did not get the chance to learn it while I was young and now for the fact that I only need to pay only one for two seats. Lol.. Before I had Ian, the urge of signing up for a music course alway crossed my mind but the thought of learning do-re-mi like a 3 years old learning A-B-C really held me back.

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