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Monday, May 18, 2009

A Visit Back To Sandakan, The Nature City - Day 1

I will always grab any opportunies possible whenever Air Asia has had promotions such as zero fares as long as the date fits into my schedule. This time around, I booked our air-tickets as early as last year and of course I have got a fairly good deal!
We took a cab to LCCT, Sepang and the cab that we booked the night before arrived at our house at 4.50am (we were taking the 7.20am flight back to Sandakan). As we arrived early, we have had our breakfast at The Gardens Food Court. The food there was reasonably priced, and it was clean, bright and spacious.
The plane took off as scheduled and we arrived at Sandakan Airport at 10.20am. My sister brought along boy boy and Mei Mei with my father coming along. Ian was so excited to be able to meet up and play with his cousins again. His buddy, Hin Biu Kor (cousin Hin) was having some Marching practice at school but Ian would get to see him in the afternoon.
We spent our afternoon catching up with each other in the family and mother cooked my favourite dishes for lunch. Braised chicken feet with chinese mushroom. yum yum!
My two brothers will be taking us to Ocean King Seafood Restaurant for dinner tonight. Stay tuned for my food review and photos.

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