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Monday, August 24, 2009

JC's Sports Day

Prizes for the winners

Ian'a class teacher tagging wristbands according to their individual team colour

6 yr olds' Marching Procession

Yeah, I won a medal!!

Ian with his teammate, Jonathan


Lastly, some don't know what "kung fu" act to wrap up the event.

We were hesitant to let Ian to participate in his kindy's Sports Day initially because from what we read from the newspaper, the confirmed cases of H1N1 was escalating and seemed running wild as the day drew nearer. He insisted of going as he was determined to get a medal (O.o.) and having had practised at kindy daily for the past 2 weeks that we finally gave in.

The sports day was held at SJK(C) Yuk Chai in Taman Mayang Jaya last Saturday. Upon reaching there, we were directed to a booth near the entrance to submit the portion of bookmark printed with chronicles of event given earlier to qualify us for the lucky draw and 3 guessing games. Despite not winning any prizes, it was fun guessing the total numbers of candies, chocolates and peanuts kept in individual jars.

I then walked Ian to the kids' tent to get ready for the event and I then snapped some photos before walking to the parents' tent. The attendance was unexpectedly good and not slightly hindered by the H1N1 pandemic with families seen tagging along the grandparents as well.

Hubby joined me not long before "Clig Clog Farmers" games played by Ian and his classmates started. Prior to that, there was speeches given by JC's principal, the director and the Chief Pastor before the marching procession performed by individual classes from 3 yr to 6 yr olds. The 6 yr olds then performed the Cheer performance.

Ian, who was in green team came up 2nd runner up in the game and everyone in the team brought home a bronze medal. Look at those happy faces in the photos, lol..

Hubby participated in the rope pulling game and eventhough his team lost, both the winning and losing team took home a small gift each. haha... Everyone is a winner and going home full handed.

It downpoured towards the last game and the event has to be delayed until the sky has cleared up but it still drizzled after a while and a decision was soon made to have the the prize presentation inside the tent instead.

To wrap up the event, each of the kids was presented with a goodie bag to take home and that put a big smile on everyone's face.

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