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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Home Decluttering

It has been almost two years since we moved back to our landed house.   It's amazing we still have boxes sealed and unopened.  We really need to engage the service of  self storage with Lok'nStore for our personal storage.  I am glad that they are willing to accommodate our need to get a little extra space to store our personal stuff  on a short term basis while we are getting at decluttering our home. The contents of those boxes are mostly things that are not frequently used, some of which are no longer needed, my boy's outgrown clothing, toys and accessories to list the least. Due to space constraint, we had no choice but to stack up those boxes at one corner of the living hall and that creates an ugly sight especially when there are visiting guests.
How we wished we could store those boxes in our store room  but unfortunately the store room is also packed to the brim! You can't really blame us on this one though.  We are keepers of things that we think have sentimental values and they accumulate over the years, from old bicycles to baby's clothing, you name it, we have it!  LOL!!!


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