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Friday, March 23, 2012

My Dream Wedding

I was once a young girl who loved nature and grew up in a small town surrounded by greens.  The small town that I lived in was surrounded not only by greens but ocean.  Those magnificent and abundance view of nature was too easy to come by, something that I took for granted then.

Now that I live in a big city, what I can see surrounding me are concrete forests with tall and amazing buildings. For someone like me who loves ocean a lot, I find ocean view in this big city something hard  to come by, one has to travel quite a journey to satisfy your longing for an ocean view.

It would be nice if one could have some green events for their weddings, family reunions, vacation and the list goes on.   For myself, I had always longed for a beach wedding, that did not materialize of course, I had a very traditional wedding myself.  For couples who plan to tie your wedding knots, it is never too late to start  planning the places to get married and making your once in a lifetime event an unforgettable one!


Anonymous Kindra Leomiti said...

Well, you can always plan for another wedding (with the same person, of course)… A lot of people are doing it! For some who weren’t able to experience their dream wedding at first, managed to do it after a year or two with all the proper preparations. A beach wedding is really something to look for! You should go for it! :D

April 25, 2012 at 1:15 AM  

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