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Friday, February 17, 2012

Handcrafted Travel, Anyone?

There's none in the family other than myself who is the most eligible candidate to wear the hat of a holiday planner for any family holidays.  No family members' votes required, it just falls into my lap probably because I am the only one having so much free time at my disposal as I hold nothing other than a fulltime housewife position.   Only God knows how tough the life of a Stay-At-Home mother can be. 

Back to planning a holiday, we usually go on free and easy trips on a budget.  Arranging a trip can be pretty stressful when there's not only your enjoyment riding on it, but that of your partner, friends and family!  There is so much to do from the day you start planning to the day you actually leave for your holiday.

Don't believe there is so much to do?  Listed below are some of the things you need to consider when planning a holiday:

What does everyone enjoy doing?
What do we want from this holiday?
How long can we go for?
Do we like cold or warm weather?
Do we want to travel or stay in the one place?
What is our budget?

I always suffer acne-attack whenever I work on a holiday planning, too stressful!  I really have to seriously think about passing the headache to the Travel Specialist should the family decides to go for Italy Tour Vacations in the future.  A personalized and handcrafted travel service would be all I wanted for booking and planning complex trips like such. Our itineraries will be tailored to our needs and I, the family holiday planner, can have peace of mind knowing everthing is being taken care of by the travel expert! Bliss..  



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