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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ian's 6th Birthday

Cheeky boy with his Ben 10 cake

Ian's Ben 10 theme birthday cake.

Today is Ian's birthday. Hubby's cousin sister bought him a Ben 10 theme cake. We did not really celebrate his birthday as mom had to be readmitted on the day itself, earlier than scheduled. I just cooked some spaghetti and boiled old cucumber soup for lunch. I did not buy him any present as he had claimed it earlier when I got him the Omnitrix through E-bay in February. Mom gave him Ang Pau, yi yi, yeh yeh, sister in-law gave Ben 10 toys and Suk Suk bought him transformer toy.

Ian was very upset when I told him popo must get readmitted on his birthday. He asked in a very sad tone if popo and yi yi would be able to eat his birthday cake and I had to keep reassuring him. Right after the blowing candles and cake cutting session, we hurriedly ate the cake and finished our lunch and headed to UMMC. Ian was sent to Yeh Yeh's house.

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